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Sonic was a videogame produced by Sega first released in 1991. The series is based off a hedgehog named Sonic who is usually always interrupted by the main antagonist, Doctor Eggman. At first release, the title was a huge success, therefore having Sega produce more and more sequels of the game. Later games expanded to different genres and sub-series such as "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games" and the "Sonic Boom" series. Later on, it had gotten so popular that it had produced its own cartoon and comic book series.


Sonic The Hedgehog vs Mario

Nintendo's Mario had been dominating the gaming industry for quite a while, and Sega had been struggling because of it. So, Sega had decided that they needed a new company mascot. Naoto Oshima, a team member later in the, "Sonic Team", had created a drawing of a hedgehog with fangs. At first, Sega's marketing didn't catch on to the idea until an agreement to get rid of the fangs and the mascots band and girlfriend. Sonic was finally born as the head mascot and Sega fans caught on real quickly, even buying a Sega Genesis just to play Sonic The Hedgehog's first game. Unlike Mario, Sonic was designed with speed in mind. While Mario had inhuman-like abilities including not taking fall damage and fireballs, Sonic had super speed to go through levels fast, therefore giving him the name "Sonic" as in breaking the sound barrier. Sonic Speed

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